Meet the Chef

All our meals are prepared under the guidance of our Executive Chef ‘Mojrul’ and his dedicated team of professionals.

Using only the freshest choice of ingredients and closely guarded recipes that he’s picked up from over 35 years of traveling the globe, Chef Mojrul is one of the most renounced Indian chefs in the Bristol and South-west region.

With his flag-ship restaurant Old India on St Nicholas Street, setting the standard for Bristol’s Indian Restaurant scene over the past two decades, Chef Mojrul and the Haque family are delighted to bring a fresh concept to the market.

Inspired by our chiefly British approach, our menu is packed full of the nation’s favorite Indian dishes and many more from the vast geography of Indo-Pak-Bangla regions (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh).

We look forward to welcoming you to The Arjee Bhajee and cooking up a delightful meal for you.